Quality is at the core of our business. We are one of only a handful of EWI installers that has its own training facility. In addition, we operate a unique examination process which operatives must pass in order to work on site as an approved Solid Wall Insulation installer.
Refurbishment of housing stock in the UK is set to take a “Green direction.” We pride ourselves in delivering “Greener Communities” through our in-house expertise, our supply chain and an ISO 14001 Management System. It is essential with rising energy costs and increasing evidence of global warming, that carbon emissions are reduced.
Solid Wall Solid Wall Insulation
External Wall Insulation (EWI) and Internal Wall Insulation (IWI) are both processes of insulating walls where there is no cavity present. There are approximately 7 million properties in the UK that do not have a cavity, and Solid Wall Insulation is the best measure that can be used to reduce properties’ carbon emissions and save energy costs.

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Let Us REDUCE YOUR PROPERTY ENERGY USE We can deliver high quality installations and energy efficient solutions.
Lawtech Ltd is one of the leading UK installers of solid wall insulation, with our head office in Rochester, Kent, we have the ability, management and supply chain to deliver a full “whole house” energy efficient retrofit refurbishment solution. We can manage multi-million pound projects delivering exceptional value for money that also save energy costs. We have access to funding providers and can offer a full design and cost solution to meet your requirements.

Lawtech Ltd is a modern business with a “green” agenda working with Local Authorities, Housing associations, public bodies and the private sector. We work with neighbourhoods to create a low-carbon community everyone can be proud of. Our unrivalled expertise in External Wall Insulation makes Lawtech Ltd the preferred choice for “green retrofit” projects on “hard to treat properties” for many clients.

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